How would you improve efficiency by reducing costs and overhead without sacrificing performance?

The ongoing enterprise/business/startup saga is: how exactly to improve efficiency by reducing costs and overhead without sacrificing performance? I cope with this every day. Trade-offs are inherent in virtually any business decision-making process, in fact it is often through new developments (i.e., technology) that the perfect solution arises. I’m an early on adopter for these exact reasons. So much new tech is continually being created to create efficiencies and support business processes.

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a team of lawyers following them around to help with making every decision. Just as entrepreneurs have to know the fundamentals of accounting and marketing, in addition they need to understand the fundamentals of business law in order to avoid the potential failure that follows costly litigation.

As an attorney and a business owner, I’ve experienced the struggles of business on both sides. But most entrepreneurs don’t have the legal experience that I really do, so they end up feeling lost and uninformed when coming up with big decisions with possible legal ramifications.

Where you can re-focus when long-term strategic plans are no more relevant.

There’s often an instant in professional sports games in which a player eventually ends up motionless in the center of a field. We wait to see if the player will be loaded onto a stretcher or encourage a hand and become pulled to his feet as the crowd cheers and she or he walks away.

Personally i think like this player. It feels as though recent global events hit me just like a defensive lineman. For awhile, I was lying on the field trying to determine easily was okay. Is my team okay? Yes. Clients? Damaged, but also for the most part, yes. The business enterprise? I’m not sure at this time, but I’m hopeful.

Debate all you have to about global warming and climate change, but more catastrophic weather is in the forecast for the world. If the sobering warnings recently issued by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are accurate, we’ll be contending with an increase of frequent and more serious floods, droughts and heat waves in the not-too-distant future.

While apps can’t change the elements, they can assist you to anticipate and plan it, rain or shine, twister or typhoon. Here is a look at three reliable, potentially life-saving apps which you can use to track and weather a variety and conditions, especially the worst:

Busy entrepreneurs know this much better than anyone else: if you are on the highway, communicating together with your employees isn’t always easy.

Say, for example, you leave a client’s office with four pages of notes on a big project. Ideally, you’d want to meet up with everyone involved while it’s fresh in your thoughts. However your developer is in NY, your copywriter is in Atlanta and the marketing manager is sitting at the airport in LA looking forward to a plane.

Should you have a killer idea for a startup, but lack enough time, resources and budget to build up a business plan, a business plan-generating app will help you get your anticipate paper and, ideally, off the bottom.

Several apps simplify the often tedious, complicated procedure for crafting an intensive bank- and investor-ready business plan. You supply the information, they organize it right into a plan, and hopefully soon you will be running a business.

Here is a look at three apps which can help get your business plan rolling:

As we go to the New Year, you may consider saying "thanks" to your employees by hosting an office holiday party. And, understandably, you’d want this party to be super fun, not really a super dud. But throwing an unforgettable workplace bash isn’t always easy.

Luckily there are many nifty party-planning apps that will help take the strain out of orchestrating a killer holiday soirée — the type that keeps your hard-working staff happy and you off the Naughty Boss List.